Distribution of the following brands in Germany:

About us

At revSolution we specialize in distribution and sales of innovative solutions for the Fitness and Physiotherapy industry in German speaking regions.

With over 15 years of industry expertise we can leverage a vast network of Fitness and Physiotherapy experts. Our comprehensive service covers import, marketing and sales as well as installation and training of your fitness or physio concept directly at the customer site.

Based on a detailed market analysis for your product, we develop sales and marketing strategies that are tailor made for your offering maximizing the sales potential for each target customer segment.

If you are looking to establish your product in the German speaking market, look no further.

Our Process

  • Market analysis and product positioning
  • Development of sales and marketing strategy
  • Strategy differentiation for the fitness and physiotherapy markets
  • Establishment and tracking of relevant KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Hiring and training of dedicated sales experts
  • Establishment and execution of post sales services (On site installation, training and services)

Contact us

Main contact: Markus Schauer
Phone: +49 4102 695350 | E-Mail: info@revsolution.de